A cusomizable, intelligent, and secure information hub with endless expansion potential. Based on our core platform and custom tailored to your business.

What is it?

It's a centralized, cloud-based platform with a web portal and a native mobile app.

It includes a focused dashboard that collects and organizes information from your business systems and personalizes that data for each user.

Super Connected

We can connect to anything including customer management tools, payroll systems, analytics software, and many more. If your business uses unique tools, we will build you custom modules that connect to them.

Automated Intelligence

Your system can perform complicated and long-running tasks all in the background, automatically. Tasks that usually take your employees hours or days to complete can be automated to run in minutes.

Clear Comminication

Your system can send email, text messages, faxes to anyone. Do you have scheduled reminders or automated follow-ups that you send manually? Never miss an opportunity by letting us configure these for you.

No Ongoing Costs

Once we build your system, it’s yours. We don’t charge anything to keep it running. We’ll always be available to add functionality or rework systems as your business grows and changes.

Enterprise Security

We use every possible security measure to protect your information. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. All data is backed up minute to minute so you never lose a thing, and have a perfect historical record.

You Own It

This is not software as a service. Your system is based on our core code but exists as its own unique branch. If you grow to the point where you want to bring development in house, you can! It’s your system.

Core v. SaaS

Don’t Rent… Buy

When you use SaaS tools, you’re renting them, not buying them. It’s like the decision to rent a house for 15 years or buy one with a 15-year mortgage. In one of those situations, after the 15 years is up, you get to keep the house.

When we build you a system, you own it. If, in 15 years, your company grows to the point where you want to bring in your own development team, there is no migration or transfer, it’s already yours. We’ll even help you hire the right people to expand, update, and maintain it going forward.

We’re Less Expensive

Unlike rent, our purchase price is cheaper over the lifetime of your system. All we need is the down payment, no mortgage required.

SaaS services can cost from $1 per user per month up to hundreds. If you’re reading this, you probably require features that puts you somewhere in the middle. Let’s say $10 / month / user. Our costs average $1.33. Keep the other $8.67 and put it into growing the business.